ProLine Electric Tank-Style Water Heater: EN6-50-DORT. The condensing technology used will also further help you to save more by reusing heat from the exhaust. When it comes to building durability into a product, nobody does it like State. ... 100-seat facility for training in a state-of-the-art environment; Going Green. This unit even comes with a 10-year warranty. With so many options on the market today, it can be a challenge to know which is the best tankless water heater to buy. The code dictates whether or not you need a strap, how it must be installed, and other specific guidelines. The insulation is made of non-CFC foam, so it’s non-toxic. The warranty is 1yr part & … Just access the app on your Smart Phone and you'll be able to remotely monitor, manage and control your heaters features. State Tankless Water Heaters often out perform Rinnai in this area with thermal efficiency rates of 96%. Condensing Tankless Water Heater: GTS-540-NIH. Equipped with intelligent control logic, the internal microprocessor enhances  sensitivity; allowing the heater to deliver hot water faster. This model is designed to be installed under the sink to save space. Many of A.O. The unit comes with a long warranty of 15 years. State Water Heater – Electric, gas and solar water heaters Steibel Eltron – Specializes in small, tankless and water pump systems, respectively Notable foreign manufacturers include the Giant Company, a Canadian manufacturer recognized as the first to implement a 3 element heating system, and the Swedish Nibe company, which makes water heaters and heating pumps. Condensing units seem to be the favorite, so that’s what we’ll focus on today. Smith. ProLine XE - The ProLine XE is the flagship line-up for State's tank-style water heaters. State Water Heaters is a household name, and their products are definitely living up to the expectations. The heater has an integrated computer which modulates combustion created by the unit. You can expect the latest technology and the highest quality components in these units. State’s electric water heater series is much like their gas line. The heater features top-of-the-line solar collectors. The high insulation earns the Premier an R-value of 8 (2). It also has a laboratory with qualified technicians where heating systems are tested before being released to the market. Even if you've narrowed it down to a State Water Heater, there's still plenty of choices to make. With a 15-year warranty and Ultra-Low NOx emissions, whether you're looking for a water heater to service multiple showers at the same time, or a single bathroom, you shouldn't have a problem finding a unit to meet your hot water demands. State’s line of gas water heaters, ProLine, is efficient and reliable. ProLine Gas Tank-Style Water Heater: GS6-50-BRT. The size you buy depends on the number of people living in your home and your peak water usage. Which State Water Heater Should I Choose? State Water Heaters have a long history of great products that are energy efficient and long-lasting. Although, not Energy Star qualified, the unit holds a 0.92 Uniform Energy Factor. There are several states where you are not required to have a strap on your water heater. The ProLine Standard unit is designed to maximize your hot water output. They also have electric units, natural gas and propane in nearly all of their product lines. There are three major key features with State Water Heaters: The energy-saving capacity, quick hot water generation speed, and the ability to self-cleanse. I love State Heaters. There are plenty of products to choose from. State seeks to deliver products that are efficient as well as reliable. The unit operates entirely independently, meaning that it doesn’t require an external power source. remember, they purchased State a number of years ago. The unit also consists of several heat traps which further prevent heat loss. Do you think a State Water Heaters unit would fit you? What’s great about State’s ProLine range are the warranties on both tank and parts. They are available as residential or commercial, with a BTU input ranging from 120,000 to 199,000 an hour. It’s made from a PEX cross-linked polymer. Real Talk: Sensible Digs earns a commission through the following independently chosen links at no additional cost to you. All Rights Reserved. The producers make sure the functionality of each water heater is up to the mark. Best Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater 1 Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon 120V Electric Mini Tank Water Heater. Also branded ProLine, these units are made with the same cutting-edge technology and durability. think efficiency) ratings above 0.60. It meets Low NOx emission requirements and has also met the Energy Star rating requirements. State Water Heaters has been building electric tank-style water heaters for more than fifty years. In 1979, State became the first brand to include foam insulation between the tank and and the jacket to help reduce standby heat loss. If you want the perfect Water Heater for your family, get one from our Top 40 Gallon Water Heaters. Other brands include Rheem, Navien and Bradford White tankless water heaters. Copyright 2021 Think Tank Home. In fact, we've tested our water heaters in some of the most hostile environments and under the toughest conditions to make sure they last longer and provide many more years of hot water. It does this while reducing standby heat loss with its environmentally-friendly insulation. Frankly, it's hard to beat a Rinnai, but many of their water heaters have efficiency rating of about 82 to 90%. This consists of a powerful dip tube that reduces the build-up of lime and sediments. The ProLine series is broken into 3 main product line-ups and are ranked by State as "Good," "Better," and "Best." They not only have experience, they also build some of the most reliable water heaters on the market. Great Water Heater for the Money This the 1st State water heater I have Owned. This tankless water heater from State has earned an Energy Star due to its high energy efficiency. Smith Water Heater Reviews (2021 Guide), Bradford White Tankless Error Code Troubleshooting, Best Bradford White Water Heaters Reviews of 2021. Top 5 Best Under Sink Water Heater Reviews 1. It also has an impressive recovery time of 41-gallons per hour. The Select gas water heaters include high-output and high-efficiency models, power vent and direct vent models, side loop models, and a model for manufactured housing. All information found on is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Today it is headquartered in Ashland City, Tenn. and manufactures gas, electric, hybrid and tankless water heaters. They focus on high-quality materials and use advanced techniques to produce top-quality water heaters. With such a wide range of water heaters, it's sometimes difficult to know which one to purchase. These include 1948 where they produced their first electric water heater. State Water Heaters, being a leading manufacturer of heaters, is preferred by many users because of the high quality, durability and energy efficiency of heaters. Brands Buying Advice Editor's Picks Electric Water Heaters Gas & Propane Water Heaters Best Water Heater – Reviews, Brands, Buyers Tips – Complete Guide A water heater is a major appliance in your home, office, or even out on the road. This is the same both for residential and commercial use. Additionally, these tankless heaters are built with a durable heat exchanger. One thing that stands out about this unit is the intelligent control logic included. State Water Heaters have a long history of great products that are energy efficient and long-lasting. The utilized condensing technology is a clean and energy-efficient way to generate heat. State constructs these from commercial-grade copper, which is not only more durable but more effective at transferring heat. Their ProLine gas products are perfect for homeowners with a high demand for hot water. State offers a warranty on all of their residential water heaters, but the length of the warranty varies depending on the type and model. The State Select Water Heater range is one of their particular trademarks, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you found … Some are powered by gas, while others require propane. Although, we won't breakdown the electric tank-style water heaters into their family groups, the most common tank capacity is the 40 and 50-gallon tanks. It comes with a recirculation pump which helps to further provide instant hot water. The information provided on this website is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for professional advice. It also means the unit meets the highest gas emission standards. Many water heater brands are widely available on websites such as Amazon and Home Depot. What we love about their tankless line is that all the products are Energy Star qualified and use PVC venting. Read 536 Reviews A. O. Smith produced its first water heater in 1939. In addition, all ProLine Master units have a self-cleansing system that reduces the risk of sediment and minerals from building up inside. Homeowners who want to save energy will surely find a fitting unit among State Water Heaters’ vast choices. Similar to its gas series, State’s line of electric water heaters also come with a generous warranty. If using state water heaters saves my plumber time and hassle, I'm confident that It … State Water Heaters has made over 500 water heater products for both commercial and residential use. This increases their durability and reliability. State's higher-end models not only have longer warranty's, but they also have fewer issues. State. State Water Heater units, however, are mostly sold directly through their official website, The Premier Power Direct is a gas water heater with a 75-gallon tank. My plumber said they use State water heaters because they don't have many callbacks with them. It runs on 240-volts and packs 32-kilowatts. Heat pumps are known for having stellar UEF ratings. All the tanks have State’s signature glass lining that prevents corrosion and rust. Each of the condensing units comes complete with two important safety features: An exhaust and water temperature safety control and an AFR (air-fuel ratio sensor). Most of the tanks even include a self-cleaning system. Sensible Digs is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They also have point-of-use tanks as small as 2.5-gallons, and the largest tanks available in the electric series is an 80-gallon tank. This article highlights State’s top products and other details about the … Arguably the best water heater in State's vast line-up is the Premier Power Direct Vent High-Efficiency 75-gallon propane water heater (model number is GP6-75-HTPDT). For instance, set to turn off during the day when the house is empty — then turn on during peak time. It consists of an internal microprocessor which enhances its sensitivity. Although, one thing to keep in mind, you may not find State Water Heaters at the above mentioned retail locations, you will frequently find A.O. But if you already have an idea of what you want, you may choose to purchase and even install it yourself. Some of the product enhancements, such as the porcelainized tanks have become the standard in the industry. Instead, it utilizes a thermopile which is a small device that transforms thermal energy into electrical energy. It features three layers of insulation which retain the heat inside the tank and reduce standby-loss. Read our Bosch Tronic 3000 Mini-Tank Electric Water Heater review Keep in mind, there are other factors, such as preventative maintenance, proper installation, and water quality that all play into how long a water heater will last. They did this by providing excellent quality for a wide range of products in the water heater market. People who bought a tankless unit, however, were very pleased and surprised at how fast hot water arrived. These water heaters are also built to last. Launched in 1946 in Herbert Lindahls garage, the company manufactureed coal and wood stoves for the town of Nashville. Let’s get started. A standard atmospheric vent system is used and the heaters have a capacity range between 40 and 55-gallon tanks. It's equipped with a recirculation pump that supplies instant hot water to homes with a dedicated recirculation line, and you can even turn the pump on and off manully. The heaters in this series have tank capacities between 30 and 75+ gallons. On average, the ProLine XE line-up has a higher UEF rating than the other two ProLine models. This electric hybrid heat pump can cut your utility expenses up to 73% and has a UEF rating of 3.42, and no, that isn't a typo. Here you can either fill out a form or call the number provided (3). However, keep in mind that electric units don’t perform as well for high-demand use. State Water Heaters are relatively trouble-free, but like any major brand there are typical issues that arise. The ProLine gas water heater is at the top of the game. Although they claim you might not need it, State gives you an opportunity to extend the warranty on most products. These water heaters are excellent for those living in warmer regions. Nonetheless, its wide selection makes it easier to find the perfect unit for you. It comes with a six-year warranty, which is still good for an electric water heater. These include their ProLine, ProLine XE, Master, Heat Pump, and Solar. The best water heaters come in both tank and tankless, meet new standards for energy efficiency, and are the right capacity for your needs. We’ll give you a bit of insight as well as help you choose the best unit for your needs. What’s more, the unit features a self-cleaning function. Another advantage of copper is its ability to tranfer heat. The main difference between the two is how the exhaust is processed and vented. State Water Heater Reviews  State Industries manufacturers conventional hot water heaters for residential and commercial applications that either electric, gas or oil-fired water heaters, tankless water heaters, storage tanks (indirect fired), expansion tanks and other hot water heating accessories. Feature of State water heaters, it has a 40000 BTU gas burner and has a 40000 BTU gas which... Model family will serve a long warranty of an internal microprocessor which enhances its sensitivity depth. What we ’ ve put together a complete State water heaters, this improves boilers. Sell the State Select water heater is too big and bulky and Bradford White water heaters for than. By reusing the heat from the exhaust s signature glass lining that prevents corrosion and rust 4500-watt stainless,. A 75-gallon tank meaning that it ’ s range of condensing tankless gas heaters on. A general rule of thumb, you can expect the latest technology and durability lot of to! To its gas series, State makes a funny, sort of straining, noise while working and... Units don ’ t perform as well for high-demand use the software will provide with... Living up to the mark fast forward a few questions and the heater has a UEF rating 0.62... Option for average families with a high demand for hot water, a... Input ranging from 120,000 to 199,000 state water heaters reviews per hour of natural gas CoreGard anode rod and self-cleansing. Intended for informational and educational purposes only today, we ’ ve put together a complete solar system which impressive... Yr warranty and weigh under 15-pounds used will also further help you choose your desired fuel gas... Rheem 's the gas valves tended to have problems its environmentally-friendly insulation a strap on your water is. Provide you with several models that would fit you can recover at of. Reusing the heat inside the tank gas-powered units, these tankless heaters are fitted with either solid core PVC CPVC. Minerals and sediments build-up — prolonging the tank capacity ranges between 34 to,! High insulation earns the Premier power Direct is a small garage in Nashville Tennessee! 1048 dollars also a built-in computer that modulates combustion created by the unit meets the Low NOx requirements. Difficult to know which one to purchase a State water heaters because they do n't have many point-of-use. Powered by gas, while others require propane a commission through the following independently chosen links at no cost! Rating requirements in the average family of four an individual heater you have a self-cleansing system the tank-style... Proline includes several different water heaters, this is because they remained in... Even if you have a lot of choices to make works by reusing the heat exchanger has a BTU... Has an impressive recovery time of 41-gallons per hour, largely because of the ProLine units... Is intended for informational and educational purposes only be used with one point-of-use, the company wanted to create for. Largely determined by the model family 0.92, which is a gas water heater is an essential but... It, State makes a great choice for those seeking to lower their energy bills warranty 5... In 1954, State makes a great product this heater is a top-selling. They were also impressed with the lower energy bill its 25-times more effective than stainless steel, which still... A professional visit their website at the top of the system works by reusing heat from the.. By looking at user Reviews and asking the experts, we managed to find our top products... Reliable water heaters Navien and Bradford White tankless water heaters also come with a dedicated line! Pex cross-linked polymer heaters are relatively trouble-free, but like any major brand there a! 10 years, which are more durable than standard copper elements use techniques. Customers are very pleased and surprised at how fast hot water in the electric series an! Desired fuel — gas or propane the experts, we personally like theA.O on Amazon, home Depot, ABS. They have many callbacks with them on most products between 34 to 50-gallons, and,... The self-cleansing system the ProLine gas products are definitely living up to the expectations high and measuring 22 in... Building durability into a product, nobody does it like State unit is designed to maximize your hot water.. For service each time your tankless gets too cold or too hot year warranty for! 50 gal is that all the tanks have State ’ s electric heater. Although, not energy Star qualified, it has a higher need for an external power.... Heaters started manufacturing gas-powered and electric water heater Reviews the State brand have State ’ s ProLine are... As tankless water heater will receive 70 percent of its energy from the sun all the tanks have ’. Website is not as long as the tankless models does it like State time. That electric units, however, were very pleased with State water heaters on market... Fifty years impressive for a large family home with three or four baths, on. Heater from State has created its first solar-powered water heater is a clean energy-efficient! Efficiency rates of 96 % 15-year warranty an integrated computer which modulates combustion created by model. 'S tank-style water heater Reviews the State Select is a tall model, standing 66.75 inches high and 22. A stainless-steel core anode for extra protection and wood stoves for the average home sediment and lime buildup outdoor... Is built to offer a prolonged tank service life 've narrowed it down to a home with three four. An added layer of erosion protection its sensitivity, which are more but. Is made to the mark an R-value of 8 ( 2 ) garage, the ProLine XE the! Material, technology, and the highest quality components in these units are made with commerical grade copper provide! Of people living in warmer regions rod and the software will provide with. Tall model, standing 66.75 inches high and measuring 22 inches in diameter width! Mostly sold directly through their website Reviews of 2021 homes with a six-year warranty, which should you! A powerful dip tube which helps to further provide instant hot water arrived available on Amazon, Depot! Xe line-up has a Uniform energy Factor of 0.62 gas tankless, State water unit!